Saturday, December 16, 2006

Do you know what Automatic Re-ordering Programs are?

I believe many of you are taking some form of supplements bought from direct sales companies, right. And some of you may also be ordering your products through their monthly reordering programs. Well, it's ok if you like the products and would like them delivered to your house on a timely basis without the hassles of calling up your distributor.

Do note that if you are into this kind of programs, there may a binding contract for a certain duration of time. And the contract can be as long as 12 months. The nightmare usually comes when you wish to terminate the contract prematurely, and the refund process (if there is one in the first place) is taking way too long. You're still feeling lost and no help is in sight.

It doesnt matter which company you are buying from. Whether it's the local ones or the big-shot ones, there are all the same. Delay, delay, delay. Why? So that you get so frustrated and let the contract runs its natural course till it ends, or simply forgo the refund entirely. I've written another article on Automatic Re-ordering Programs at Do check it out for more tips on how to tackle the issue in a more effective manner. Cheers!!

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