Sunday, December 17, 2006

Beach wedding anyone?

I'm truly sick of attending all those wedding dinner parties at hotels and restaurants. Gordon doesnt still in his chair nowadays and Malcolm is getting pretty demanding too. Well, icannot blame Gordon for feeling bored and wanna get out and play. I'm feeling the same too. And sometimes, i just sneak out and take him go for a stroll.

Why cant my friends have beach wedding instead. It think it'll be quite fun actually. I can imagine it to be. No need to wear all those formal dresses. They can even send out some beach-themed wedding invitations. There are plenty of wedding invitation designs to choose from, with seashells, tropical views, and even sandy beaches. This will be nice for a change. Ooooh, i'm beginning to think of running about in a sexy bikini....

1 comment:

L B said...

so blardy hard to keep up with you liao! I need a vacation!! I hate those Word Verifications too! LOLOLOL!! NiaSing NiaSang NiaSung!