Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Back to organics for me

I dont have access to a scale in this house. But if i were to step on one right now, i bet i must weigh at least 10lbs heavier. I've been out almost everyday ever since BIL came back last week. You know lah, once they get back, it's eat, eat, eat, eat, eat all the time. Like they've been starving themselves for this endless feast of ipoh food for a month. What to do, they hardly ever come back. KL is actually not that far away. Only about 2hrs or so.

Typical start to a day would be: Breakfast of dimsum at 7am, brunch of hor hee at 10 am, lunch of kai-si-hor-fun at 2pm, ipoh white coffee and toast with kaya&butter for tea at 4pm, dinner at tai-kar-lok at 7pm, then supper of wat-tan-hor at Tuck Kee at 11pm. You get the drift. I'm beat by the time we finally end up back home. Couple that with 3 cranky kids.; not funny at all. Believe you me.

I may not have eaten much, unlike my BIL. All i needed was something to fill my stomach. But it's indeed a sight seeing them pack in so much in a day, for a whole week.... oh my god. I really must come up with a good fitness plan to get rid of all the excess calories in me. I'm going back to an organic diet of juicing with a detox program. I'm too lazy to workout, but i may just don my running shoes just this once. Guess i wont be out for the next 10 days, lol. I need a rest desperately.

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