Monday, October 10, 2005

I'm your friendly Colema Therapy Provider

I met up with fellow blogger TV Smith last Tuesday night. Thanks for sending tons of visitors to my site. He wrote about it here. I know many of you would be wondering what Colema Therapy is by now. Instead of you Googling for more info, i'll better get this up as soon as possible.

Colema Therapy is also known as colon irrigation, colon hydrotherapy and colon cleansing. It's a cross between enema and high colonics. Providing Colema Therapy is only a part of my business.

Colema Therapy is an ancient practice dating back to 1500BC. But with the advancement of medical science, this ancient practice have been abandoned for the magic pills dished out by our Medical Practitioners. But of course, there are still many of us out there who prefer a gentler and more holistic way to care for our health. I'm one of them.

Colema Therapy is also not new to Malaysians. In fact, there are quite a number of health clinics providing colon hydrotherapy for a few hundred ringgits a session. And you need at least 7 to 8 sessions to obtain favourable results and the process has to be repeated at least once every 6 months depending on the person's health condition.

Some will opt for more DIY style using the enema bag and apple cider vinegar/coffee enema/etc which you can buy off the shelf at any organic health store. It takes great practise to get used to self-administering the enema at home. A rather messy and cumbersome process, trust me on this. Enemas works best with a colema board if you have one. You can get addicted to enemas and many people are allergic to many of the herbs contained in the enema mixture.

Sterilisation is of utmost importance in Colema Therapy. You cannot just go and pour some tap water into the bag and use that to cleanse your insides. Be very careful with water-borned pathogens like E-coli, Salmonella and Staphylococcus Aureus, just to name a few. Cold water will just worsen the condition. If you know what stomach flu is, imagine what intestinal flu can be.

Colema Therapy home units are currently the most convenient option when it comes to self-administered bowel cleansing. What i'm using for the Colema Therapy sessions is equipped with 6-stage filtration system with high efficiency UV sterilisation, micro-computerised countdown timer, with constant temperature control at 35 degree Celcius, adjustable nozzle and pressure gauge. It's called the Johnson Colema, model RMU-668. I also sell them. It's currently the only model in the Malaysian market which is fully automatic with constant temperature control.

As you all can see here, i have a very small toilet. I just assemble the unit onto a stainless steel trolley with casters, hook it up to the tap, and voila, i'm done. I've also installed a new bidet in the toilet. There's aromatherapy in Sandalwood in a burner to soothe and relax your mind and colon. A bottle of Certified Organic insect repellant is provided in case there are mosquitoes in the toilet. And also body shampoo for further cleansing. I'll be putting some music into the toilet soon.

Colema Therapy home units are very easy to use. Apply some aloe vera gel onto your anus and insert a small nozzle (with holes for water outlet at the end) the size of a drinking straw about an inch or more into your rectum as you sit on the toilet-bowl. There's no pain when you insert it in, get this out of your head. This is the only icky part as far as Colema Therapy is concerned. Once in, everything is smooth-sailing.

You then turn the machine on, set the countdown timer to a recommended 60 seconds per session and press start. Repeat the process for about 6 to 7 times or until you are fully satisfied. Best result can be obtained by holding as much water inside as possible and letting go when you feel the urge to do so. All your poo will fall directly into the toilet-bowl without any mess.

You'll be surprised with what you'll see in the toilet bowl when your session's over. With repeated sessions, you will become healthier, more beautiful, slimmer, skin will glow and whitened and most importantly, more alert. And no, you wont get addicted to it as it uses only warm water. It is a very comfortable and therapeutic experience. You simply must try it out.

I'm not a therapist. You see, i only provide the facility, and you self-administer the Therapy session. Unless you want me to do it for you, how can i ever refuse? *rub hands in glee*

I'll write another post for self bowel-care and how Colema Therapy benefits your health later. So, come back for more.


simmie said...

Just wondering how much a session? How often should one do this? Did you charge your client who saw the biawak? heheh

ps. Can give me discount ah?

mensa B said...

>who saw the biawak?
LOL...(forgot what I was going to say, that was so I'll be back. :) interesting article..

Samm said...

Simmie - It's only RM50 a session/RM500 for a course of 12 sessions. If you have one installed in your own home, daily for the 1st week, 2 - 3 times for the 2nd and 3rd week, and then once a week thereafter for routine bowel care. Eh, you're so far away, if not, i'll give you a complimentary session.

The client who saw the biawak bought 1 already, hehe. She's coming over to collect her unit later this evening.

mensa - will be waiting...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for explaining what Colema Therapy is. Always nice to learn something new :)

Some people say biawak = good luck woh :)

- G&G Rocks

simmie said...

sure or not ah?? my sifatt feel so spesial....

Just curious, how much does a unit cost? Is it easy to use? Maybe I can get for my parents.

Samm said...

G&G - Glad you've enjoyed reading my blog :)

Simmie - from what you've read, it's real easy to use. Apply aloe, insert tube, turn machine on, set timer, press start. Repeat a few times, that's it. Googletalk/email me for $.

Arkane said...

It's fascinating, this colon hydrotherapy thingy. I really believe it works wonders for your health.

A couple of questions on your article. How many times do you need to perform the procedure per session and how much water goes in per time ? Hope you can enlighten

Samm said...

arkane - thank you for your interest in colema therapy.

It's recommended you do it for about 6 - 7 times each session. AT 3kg pressure setting, it'll be about 500ml/60sec. Maximum duration is 99sec. Hope that helps.

Arkane said...

Thanks for your reply Samm.

The reason I asked is that different people have different capacities. Some people can hold up to 1 litre and some only a couple hundreds ml. What happens if we can't take the entire 500 mls ?

Samm said...

arkane - it'll go down the toilet-bowl even b4 the timer's up. but also depends on whether have you pooed earlier. if your colon's empty, you can hold more and longer.

arkane said...

Thanks for your inputs, Samm.

I read somewhere before this that the longer you hold the water in, the more effective the treatment. So I just assumed that you need to hold the entire 500 mls for a certain period of time before being allowed to let go.

Samm said...

arkane - holding the water in for the first or second time is easy, then, as your peristaltic action is stimulated, naturally, it pushes the fecal matter out. just let go when you feel you cant hold it in anymore. you can even let go when water is still flowing in, sort of like flushing as you go. just repeat the the process untill you are satisfied.

dhssraj said...

Hey there. Hope i catch you in good spirits. I was reading your article on your product and am very curious on some things you said it does.

A major function of the colon is to reabsorb water and concentrate faeces. Faeces contains waste products that our body does not require. so as we travel along the colon towards the anus, the more concentrated (hard faeces, if you will) the faeces you would find. This is NORMAL human physiology. Naturally if you havent gone to the toilet after a few meals, you would expect some faeces there. Again, normal physiology. If you do not have any other problems with your colon and go to the toilet normally, this WILL NOT cause you any problems.

some of the things youve stated on your website contradicts well documented general knowledge. For example, you warn against the use of normal tap water. however its well known fact our colon is the most bacteria infested structure of our body. the bacteria that predominates there are a group called Anaerobes, which are part of our normal gut germs. Some even help us produce and absorb Vitamin K. Since us Malaysians (and 80% of Earth's inhabitants) have been drinking cleansed tap water, showering with tap water and swimming in public swimming pools (which are all FAR from sterile mind you), why should the use of a Johnson machine be neccessary? The anaerobic population would surely outgrow and kill any residual bacteria from water.

There is also a claim at the end of your post that "with repeated sessions, you will become healthier, more beautiful, slimmer, skin will glow and whitened and most importantly, more alert." I find it surprising how shooting water up the colon would result in 'glowing and whitened skin'. If this is true, this would be a MAJOR scientific discovery, which im sure is enough to make Estee Lauder and Clinique to create colon and anus-cleansing machines! :)

Is there any peer reviewed research evidence to this? The unsupecting public will easily be duped into spending $$ on your product, just based on empty claims alone. This is not fair, and im sure you would agree. I feel its totally unfair to play the "feel healthy" card without any evidence to back it up. There are too many companies out there that claim this, while having extremely dubious credentials!

Dont get me wrong. I am not trying to hack at your monthly income for nothing. I just feel if you make a claim on a public domain such as this, you should back it up with evidence. Or at least say "there has been no evidence that the benefits from using this product are directly due to the cleansing of the colon." In fact, this may give you the opportunity to further prove your product works - by backing up with well researched evidence.

It is well known that the end of our colon and anal canal is dense with nerve endings. At the risk of sounding rude, this is why people get 'relief and satisfaction' after they've defecated. This is especially true when faeces is hard and big. again I do not intend to sound disgusting, i was simply trying to state a point. This may add to the "therapeutic" experience you claim your product gives. If it does, it can easily be done at home, thus not requiring anyone to spend hundreds of hard earned ringgit.

Im anticipating your view on this. thank you!

Samm said...

dhssraj - thank you for your concern on behalf of so many out there. first of all, pls bear in mind that i'm not in any way soliciting bzns through my blog. Well, i'm not saying colema therapy machines are the best solution to colon health. Many ppl visit colon hydrotherapists, use enema bags; be it with tap/filtered/distilled water, etc. for the same reason they use this particular machine. And this is not the only machine in the Malaysian market.

Should the person have any diseases pertaining to their digestive systems, i would definitely ask them to consult their doctors prior to undergoing any form of treatment. I believe everyone has a choice when it comes to maintaining their health. It is normally when they cannot obtain favourable results from their doctors that they opt to try out other methods. If they feel that colema therapy helps alliviate whatever's been ailing them, they will continue with it. I dont and cant cure them of their sickness.

Most of the "claims" are answers from my clients. As for reviewed research evidence, i'm sure those who've read this through my blog would be educated ppl and IT savvy too. They can always google for more answers without my having to tell them to do so.

I understand that ppl needs to be reassured that everythings safe before they try it out and it's only fair to provide at least some form of backup research works, right. But have you noticed the a number of well researched drugs out there in the market being pulled off the shelves even though they've been thoroughly researched, documented, endorsed by the relevant authorities and yet they present serious side effects to the extend of death. I'm not about to question them.

Perhaps, when the time comes (i hope not) and you feel as though you're sick and all the doctors you've visited can no longer help you, what would you do? Would you continue to seek alternative healing or just stay home and wait out your remaining time?

If it's a disclaimer that you're seeking, i'd be glad to put one up.

dhssraj said...

hey samm! Im glad my main questions have been responded to.

its good we agree that some form of evidence should be made available when we talk about a product in a forum that we direct or indirectly have interests in. you are right about the fact that well researched drugs have been pulled out the market after going thru all the phases of clinical trials, only to find 10 years later they actually may contribute to mortality! (refer to the rheumatoid arthritis drug celecoxib - debacle that happened lately). while this has happened before and may continue to happen in the future, the importance of research in proving the efficacy of a product can not be overemphasised. could we imagine doing surgery/eating medications that have NOT been proven to provide positive outcomes? all hell will break loose! :) the market will be saturated with products sold solely on the ability to market or exploit the vulnerable section of the public with not real proven positive outcomes!

and im glad to find you and your advertising media has the conscience come clean to your customers in advance about what this product can or cannot do. i think thats a highly respectable thing to do. there are many people in town that are extremely willing to sell anything for a buck solely to make some money off the unsuspecting public, regardless of whether it would really work for you or not. im sure you or your loved one has been there at some point in their lives.


Samm said...

dhssraj - thanks for dropping by again. As for exploitation, take a walk down around some organic store and you would be appalled by many of the products sold there arent even certified organic. Slap on a label with the words organic/natural ingredients, place it at the organic store and many suckers will be duped into buying it. They simply cant tell the difference between a real certified organic product from the labelled-organic/natural because they dont know how to. And this has been going on for years. And the organic stores simply cant be bothered also.

arkane said...

Dear dhssraj,

Though you claim that you are not making an attack on samm's credibility, your post smacks heavily of misdirected accusations and demands for proof which is not in the jurisdiction of the therapy provider. Please note that colon therapy has been around for centuries and is not a new field or so called "MAJOR scientific discovery" as claimed by your post. This practice is regulated by the International Association of Colon Therapy (

It is clearly defined that

Colon hydrotherapy is a service not a treatment. Colon hydrotherapists are not medical providers unless they have completed their education in one of the medical fields.

Meaning that the clients are receiving the service at their own will and are solely responsible for their own risks associated with the treatment which they are receiving.

The reason I pointed this out is because I feel that you have unjustly demanded for answers and so called "edvidences" from the wrong party under the pretext of championing for potential victims of some dubious money making scam.

Imagine if you are walking into a pharmacy and buying some panadol. Don't you think it sounds ridiculous if you suddenly challenge the pharmacist to provide you with edvidences that panadol actually works for your ailments ?

Please don't take the consumers for fools that they can easily be duped the way you painted in your scenario. If they are willing to part with "hundreds of hard earned ringgit" for this service, they must be convinced of it's benefits.

dhssraj said...

Interesting. Does that make it wrong for someone to ask for proof of publically made claims? or maybe at least clarification on what has been said about the benefits that have been pointed out on this website? im glad the scope of benefits have been addressed by the poster (quite quickly too!)

i figure, who better to ask than the Colematherapy provider itself, right? im glad she was very willing to take time to look into my questions and clarify her stance. Like i said earlier (or did i?), if clarification is made, they only add to the credibility of the claims.

the 'MAJOR scientific discovery' sentence was said in good humour after i read the that colematherapy 'makes skin fairer!'. ofcourse it has been clarified after that this was just feedback received and not actual documented evidence that it was directly due to Colematherapy.

I still dont see how anyone would not benefit from asking questions and challenging claims. im surprised that me asking questions actually excite others that much.

Using your example on asking the pharmacist on proof of panadol, a well trained and approved pharmacist should have no problem answering questions public at large should have about them, or on most if not all approved drugs in the market. thats why they're there anyway right?

ofcourse if youre asking a coffee shop owner who also carries some panadol behind the counter, he may not know exactly how it works. so use your judgement well and ask the right people if ever in doubt!

to re-emphasise my point quoting your example:
this lack of knowledge on true mechanism of action of panadol has also been another reason why panadol has been found to mask progression of certain diseases. this isnt a side effect of the drug, its actually due to lack of knowledge on indications for panadol use. (or not reading the box instructions :) ) maybe if more people inquired things can be clarified and some misunderstandings can be avoided.

ok, have to go back to the books, early class tomorrow.. thanks for your time and have a great day!

Arkane said...

Dear dhssraj,

Thanks for taking the time to clarify your stand.

Please note that I am not against anyone seeking clarification on certain matters. It's how one does it. If you refer to my first 2 posts, I was also seeking clarification on the topic from the blogger, but I didn't do it in the tone that puts people on the defensive stance.

Please read the blog entry carefully, what Samm did was put the "claims" (be it proven or otherwise)on this subject as an information sharing exercise. Just google on the topic of colon hydrotherapy and you will find 100% of the so called "claims" on thousands of websites. What the blogger did was merely to summarize the more interesting ones to share with us. So, in attacking and challenging the blogger on these information, one is doing her a gross injustice because in the first place, the "claims" did not originate from her.

I requote panadol scenario earlier. Of course you could ask the pharmacist on the uses and directions for the proper use of panadol. Such information he would readily have and willingly share. But does it sound unfair if you challenge him to prove or show documented edvidence of the claims on the label ? Same thing with the shopkeeper mentioned by you. Does selling panadol make one own the burden of proof and the liability of the product ?

THe function of the pharmacist (or in this case the blogger) here is to clarify or educate, whatever you might call it. It is NOT to prove any aforementioned claims on the product he/she is offering. Hence the distinction is clearly drawn.

dhssraj said...

if it is my tone you are unhappy about, then i would say (again? im not sure) that it wasnt my intention to hurt the poster. if she feels offended, my humble apologies.

if the claims did not originate from her, it would be fair if she specified that. and she did do that extremely promptly so good on her! again, im not here to personally attack anyone. if she felt like i was here to attack her, then my humble apologies to her. but not to anyone else.

im relatively curious in nature. everytime a nice young man in sg. wang approaches me to tell me about how i should spend rm 600 a year on an air-filter that he says will cure asthma, prevent lung cancer etc, i simply ask him, is there any scientific evidence to these claims? because his answer to this question straight away gives me an indication as to how serious i should take his claims. if he does provide well documented non-dubious evidence, ill listen further.

same goes for the man in front of pertama complex who tells me his herbal juices cures everything from stomach CA, gives me energy, increases my libido, makes my hair grow and a few other benefits all in one. i will always keep asking for proof. especially if it contradicts well known facts.

i find it amazing you can clearly distinguish between providing proof and to educate and clarify. to me they fall under the same umbrella. if providing proof isnt the job of the person making the claims, then what is the point of a health providers practising evidence based medicine? if it isnt the posters job, she could choose to say it isnt and thus not seek to clarify.

if providing proof does not contribute to education and clarify conceptions, then maybe one of us (ie me) is living in a different realm! cause i certainly believe it does!

if however you think it is wrong to ask someone who voluntarily shares information in a public forum to back up their claims, we differ significantly in opinions. the webspace is a free world. on making claims that may be perceived as going against general well established knowledge, we should at least be ready to back it up, or state publically we choose not to.

but you did state it isnt my curiousity that bothers you, rather its the tone. again my apologies to the person who posted the original message if she was in any case offended. not to anyone else.

sc said...
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