Sunday, July 06, 2008

Malcolm's Caesarean birth video - Happy 2nd Birthday, Son

It's a glorious and special Sunday. The sun is bright, and there's no signs of rain. Just like it was two years ago. What makes today such a special day? Cos July 6th is Malcolm's birthday. Yes, it's Malcolm's second birthday. And to celebrate his birthday, here's Malcolm's Caesarean birth video. I know this video was due two years ago. But it's only now that i found a site that can host a video file that's more than 400Mb in size. And thanks to our forever farked up internet connection, took me a zillion retries to finally get it up here.

For mom's who've always been curious as to how a Caesarean birthing process is, it's all here. You can also see the entire stem cells collection process. How painless and simple the procedure is and there's absolutely no pain to both mother and baby. I was chatting away with everyone in the operating room the whole time. So, fear not. If you are concerned about the pain involved during caesarean birth, then talk to your doctor about the best pain management option for you. I had spinal as the blogger in me always want to be aware of everything happening. And this is also the first time my face is shown here on this blog since the day i started blogging. Big deal, hoh.

Enjoy the video. Do share this video with your friends and family members. Pass it around and also please link it from your blogs, ya.


Patsy Lo said...

I had twice Caesarean birth that is my 2nd son and youngest daughter.Well, all i can say is not easy being a woman to go through the birth task.Time will heal all the c-sect wounds and with your cute baby held on your hand everything will be bless.So bravo to anybody who have to go through this process, be brave.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wonderful video. That reminds me of my 3 c-sections. Your dr so liberal and cool hor, allowed u to take video of it. My dr didnt allow that.

mistipurple said...

*hin-hin half way whilst watching*
*cold sweats*
you're very brave..


mistipurple said...

oh, happy birthday malcolm.

*sniffs medicated oil*

Physiomom said...

I had a premature Caesarian for my twins & another premature for my 4th one. Both also because I had pre-eclampsia. Had keloid after dat & haad to go for hydrocort jab. now scar very faint. can wear bikini. he he!