Saturday, July 14, 2007

Simply paid to rant.... cannot meh????

My blogs are gonna suffer another barrage of paidposts today as i have more than 50 of them to deliver in less than 48 hours time. That can mean more than 150 posts to dish out. Now, i know many have been complaining that they cant get opps and are also threatening to report those bloggers to the network involved. You know, i'm so not gonna name names here. You know who you are.

All i can say is go back to your blogs and reflect upon yourself. Claiming that these bloggers deprive you of earning a decent income is purely crap. Geee.... just how much are you earning anyway? USD2k/month? I can if i want to; with one eye closed some more.... yawwwnnnn. Not that i've not achieved that before. Have you just an inkling of how some of us keep appearing on the top earners list? Do you know what it takes to stay up all night long and writing and submitting opps in less than 5 minutes only to move on to the next?

Now tell me, how many "working" blogs have you got? Have you got the speed to do that? Can your brains work that fast? Can your fingers type at top speed. I also know that many of them spend half their time online spying on others' blogs, trying their best to "catch" them publishing nothing but a "link" during paidposts hours. I scoff at you. Spend those time refreshing your browser every 10 seconds instead and you'll stand a chance of hopefully grabbing one, lol.

What makes you think that when a blogger is publishing a link, he/she is also submitting it to the network involved? This is clearly a grey area that many of you ignorant postees have overlooked. Do you know that those bloggers may be just testing their links/post and not submitting it yet. Only the network knows if those posts are being submitted or not. Not you, idiot. And then you rant some more on your blogs or at the forum that the network isnt taking any action against those bloggers.

Who are you as a miserable paidpostee to dictate that those bloggers be penalised or kicked out of the network so that you can hopefully get one opp the following day to contribute to your decent income. How sure can you be? This simply shows that you really dont know how to make from this as you never take the time to find out how to go about the system, or ask how those top earners work. Or maybe you simply want a few ignorant bloggers/postees to support your cause and agree with how right you are.

How many screenshots are you going to gleefully take and then cant wait to report them? How low can you stoop to that? You just cant help the jealous feeling when you see all those opps but cant get, right. And yet, you keep seeing those familiar faces on the top earners list. If that's the case, then clearly you are not cut out for this. You are simply not a go-getter and you dont bother to learn the ropes of the trade.

I normally dont rant on issues like this as i prefer to sit quietly and make my money. But today, lets just say i'm so efnd to rub it in some more into those jealous pots. And i am proud to say that to date, i have made more than USD10k writing paidposts alone in a few short months. And let me enlighten you further by adding that i write for 8 networks and i work hard AND SMART at it. Apart from writing paidposts, i have other source of income from my blogs too. What have you got, huh?

I have more than a dozen blogs to update too. I have kids to care for. A hubby to "TEH". I have household chores to do. I have a real life business that brings me another 5 figure income/month too to run. I do lots of knitting. I play with my PSP a lot. I shop nearly every single day. MSN all day long. Watch TVB drama series 24/7. Why i can do it and why cant you? I dont need paidposts to survive but i want the money, cannot meh. Why, why why? So, how now? By knowing this, does that make your blood boil. Are you turning into a green monster?

What have you become now? Were you like this before paidposts came along? Let me share with you one one thing. Negative bloggers draw the same crowd. You know, birds of the same feather flock together. Now go back to your blogs and sulk or rant that i'm crapping. I'm so in the mood to get flamed and spied on. You know larr, good for traffic mah... ppppbbbttttt. I havent even pinged PPS since last November worrr. I'm so tulaned about these bloggers that i've a good mind to just publish nothing but links on my blogs from today for the fun of it?

So, what are you gonna do? Screenshot and report me, kakakaka. Can you tell if those are really being submitted to the network or not? I think half the time you dont even kno whom i'm writing for. Have fun spying, lol. All i know is i'm gonna make me another 2 hundred bucks easily just this weekend alone in front of my 17" Dell lcd monitor (soon to be 24") even without that one single network that you keep ranting about? What 6 hours crap, cheh..... I even get paid to rant on this post.... jealous????


Admin said...

FUIYOH!! I jeles. 50 outstanding posts!!!! said...

Haiyor, I want to learn how to rant like this. Wait I go plug you later. Queen of rant, but oh so true!

Em said...

Excellent post! 5-stars. Spot on. Join such short time & $10K oredi. I red eye LOL quick let me screen capture & pot you! kakakaka

shoppingmum said...

Niamah, you really good!!!1
Ya lah, got time to spy, I don't even have time to "teh" LOL!
With 8 blogs I already half dead, if I have a dozen like you, can go Hospital Bahagia liao.

Rauff said...

Waahh.....the income figure is not what amazes me...but a mommy who plays PSP??!!! Gawd~ you must be like the coolest mom to date! I bet its in limited edition pink too~! Go girl~!!!

CyberPartyGal said...

Samm is a Rockin' Girl Blogger two times over, you dunno meh? kakaka!

Samm said...

ah pek - ya, can write till die, jeles lehh

5xmom - yessss!!! i want someone to design me a header with a crown on it.

anon - yes, if i can do it, so can anyone, lol. i'm so sked now, better not publish only links, lol.

shoppingmum - "TEH" is therapeutic mah. Must do it more often wann. If not, no one to sponsor my shopping lorr.

rauff - No lerr, not in PINK tho. I wanted it in RED, but they dont have one. I'll wait till they come up with a RED version, then i go get another.

cyberpartygal - THX!!!! And sorry hoh,i still havent dont the rockin post yet, lolol. Rant too much.

Helen said...

I'm a bit blur... someone did something right?

Wei, good for you.. keep going... *puffing trying to catch up** lol

WAHM said...

Wahseh - one msn chat and you can start to crap out this rant -lol. I crown you QUEEN!! I like!! I chiah you eat anything you want when you come KL! Eh, good way to drive traffic hor - wait hor - I also go rant but sure lose to you one la - but still syiokk mah hor?? kakakaka

Simple American said...

I'm jelez.

Can I exchange 5ml of jealousy for a hug?

Sweetpea said...

wawawa....i can feel you are hot hot hot! waahh 10K liao. and to think i am contented with one blog and a couple of hundreds just to pay off my foxtel subscription, hahaha!

tabik you! by the time i am back, i think u need to belanj me chai latte instead of i belanja you :)

Samm said...

helen - kah yau,kah yau. u have to join our MSN chats if you want to 8 like a pro

doris - ya man. what a traffic whore, lol

jerry - ok lah, i hug u back

sweetpea - can lah. i chia you one family big small go eat till you cant walk, k :)