Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Bought the Philips Pressure Cooker.... like finally

My rice cooker died on me recently. Errr.... no. I shouldnt have said that. I actually murdered it. But oh... it was a mistake!!!! Ya, i know... how the heck did i manage to murder a perfectly functioning rice cooker, right. Oh well, Miss Clever was following a recipe and somehow, it uses the rice cooker to cook bread with. And it needed a cooking duration of 40 minutes. As there wasnt much ingredients placed in it, the damn switch popped up in less than 10 minutes. I had to keep pressing it down over and over again until clever me decided to tape it down. That's it. The damn thing fused. That's how i murdered it, LOL!!!!

Next. Like it or not, i had to buy another cos we eat rice almost daily. After some deep soul-searching, friendly recommendations by by die-hard facebook fans, yours truly decided to pick up the Philips Pressure Cooker. I was told how it actually cuts cooking time thus leaving me more time to play my Diner Dash Cooking Game, Online Casino Malaysia Game, Criminal Case Online Game, ugetwatimean? Sounds divine, eh.... wow..... extra time, man. No joke.

The very first dish i cooked with the Philips Pressure Cooker was Red Bean Soup. I even added Black Glutinous Rice to it for added errr... nutritional value. With guidance from my bff, i set it to Soup Mode with kpt increased to 40mins. Default is 20mins for Soup Mode. It turned out ok. Nothing great. Needs a longer time in order to achieve the desired texture that i'm so used to getting when cooked over the stove. Will adjust that on my next attempt.

Second dish. RICE!!!! Yes, that's what i bought it for. Since really clueless as to how much water to use, i went back to using the surewin palm-on-rice method that has worked for every single rice cooker that i have ever owned. Selected the default Rice Mode with kpt of 14mins, and waited. Damn, the Philips Pressure Cooker takes almost 8 minutes to just heat up and start boiling with pressure on. In total, it took around 22mins to complete the rice-cooking process. I failed at cooking rice during the first round. Too much water used. Turned into mush, LOLOL. Compared to the conventional rice cooker, that saved me wow.... 8 minutes at least. How awesome is that, hahahahah. Anyway, i have since managed to cook perfectly fluffy rice with the Philips Pressure Cooker. Just need to correspond how many cups of rice to the water level indicator on the inside of the pot using the cup that came with it. Pure rocket science aitelyu!!!

More. Pork Chop Stew. Yeah, nothing fancy. Instead of grilling the pork chop slices using Bake function, i went and pan-fried them instead. Fail fail fail, Samm.... *must remember to try to fully utilize it for everything first*. Next step, placed all the cooked pork chops into the pot, added all the cut up vegetables and used bake fish mode with a cooking duration of 15 minutes without the cover. Added corn starch towards the end of cooking time and voila, got me a delicious bowl of pork chop stew. Still grumbling over the failed fact that i had an extra pan to wash!!!

Today, i tried boiling soup with it. Give and take the say 10 minutes of heating up time, default Soup Mode of 20mins kpt, and a further 10 minutes or so waiting for the silver dunnowatchucallit thingy to drop before i can open up the cover, the entire time taken to get a somewhat decent pot of soup for the hungry-die kids took a grand 40 minutes. Hey, that's how long i use to boil soup on the stove or the induction cooker. Comparing all three, the default Soup Mode doesnt boil soups with ommph la, ok. Was advised to use the max kpt of 59mins instead. Ohmyfrakkinggoodness!!! That will bring the total time needed to get a oooomphful pot of soup to what? 79mins!!!! Oh well. Guess i will need to cook rice with the claypot next time since i insist on having the rice covered when placed at the table, and use the Philips Pressure Cooker for other forms of cooking experiments. Damn, didnt i say i bought the Philips Pressure Cooker to replace my rice cooker? So, now what..... wtf!!!

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