Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Irish Crochet Sleeveless Top

Gorgeous, ain't it? This was supposed to be for my wedding dinner party. Had always envisioned myself wearing something that's handmade by yours truly, something as exquisite as this, to party in on that day. Too bad, no wedding party was held; long story. It had been told here before, so, i am not going to repeat the whole old grandmother story. I am already more than a decade into the marriage with the man, whom i had two kids with.

Back to the Irish crochet top. How many of you here has one, ok, two, or more? I have not tried Irish crochet before. No problem with the floral and leafy motifs. Only a bit list as to how join them all together without the whole thing going out of shape, lol. I've watched tonnes of YouTube videos on how to join Irish crochet motifs but yet to try. In fact, my Clover lace hooks were untouched since the day I bought them, lol. Okok... one day, I'll go grab a ball of crochet yarn and have a go at making something small first.

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