Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Mother’s Day Wish List from Rakuten Mother’s Day Sale

Malaysia will celebrate Mother’s day on May 10 this year. This amazing festival celebrates motherhood and bonds with mothers in the society. Rakuten Malaysia is celebrating mother’s day from 27th April to 9th May 2015 and is giving huge discount on various products at their website. Here is my wish list for this mother’s day.

JEOEL Memento earrings: These earrings from Jeoel are so pretty and amazing. These earrings are of sterling silver with 18k rose gold plating. The design is classic and looks sophisticated. Currently priced at RM275 with 8% discount.

Michael Kors MK6110 Bracelet Watch: This bracelet watch is so beautiful and elegant; I just can’t resist thinking about it. It’s been designed in US and has a Rose gold-tone. It is water resistant and carries a 2 years Michael Kors warranty. It’s priced at RM1104 with a 15% discount at Rakuten Malaysia right now.

Alfio Raldo Hand Bag: This cute bag by ALFIO RALDO is priced at RM239 which is very economical. It has 3 compartments and is a nice handbag for regular use.

SK II Facial Treatment: For all those beautiful ladies who like to take good care of their skin, this is a great product. It contains more than 90% Pitera which makes skin healthy and radiant and balances skin pH level. It has a price tag of RM364 but you can buy small pack at lesser rate.

Lanvin Fashion White Dress: This gorgeous white dress by Lanvin looks amazing and at RM139 is really a great bargain. Right now it is not available due to some reason but I hope it will be available soon to buy.

Well, this is my wish list for this mother’s day. Is there something you wish to buy or receive as gift, you can comment below at this post.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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