Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Regrowing Tomatoes

We buy lots of tomatoes each week. Hubby, Malcolm and I eat our veggies raw mostly, with the exception of Gordon, who prefers some of them cooked. 80% of the tomatoes are eaten as salad, in sandwiches, with the 20% going into soups and the rice cooker.

Starting February, i've been having fun regrowing veggies from scraps at our new place. Have always wanted to grow veggies but never had a chance to previously as I lived with #paininthearse in-laws. All that is now past tense as far as we are concerned, lol.

Hubby bought large tomatoes last weekend. I personally prefer to grow cherry tomatoes. Well, they are so many pots lying around to grow a mini vegetable farm enough for our own consumption. Just need time and patience to learn how to grow them one by one. Pray i get at least one tomato plant from this batch of seeds!

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