Sunday, August 03, 2014

Homemade Zaru Soba

We have hot weather all year round. And the idea of having cold cold noodles to slurp on is indeed delightful to us. Last week, i tried making soba with my Joyoung noodlemaker. I failed miserably as i used too much water in my flour and ended with soba that were stuck together as soon as they were extruded from the nozzle.

As organic buckwheat flour is so costly, left me with no choice but to roll them up back into a ball of dough. I then snipped at the ball and kept the fine strips of dough for cooking. Oh, they are still considered soba alright, just not in the long slurpy strips that we are so used to, lol. If only i floured them fast enough as they were coming out and cook them immediately instead of taling pics, lol. Abuthen... that's me la, ok :p

And this is how the snipped soba strips look like. After cooking and dunking them into ice-cold water, i turned them into soba salad and let them kids add wateva they want to go with it. Fruits, raisins, nuts, mayo, nori.... nothing goes to waste in my household. I can even turn these into soba cookies using the toaster oven, haha.

And yesterday, i managed to make my very first batch of homemade soba successfully. Oh, you wont know how it must have felt when they were being extruded. The soba tastes good, nice texture, soft yet not chewy. I dont have men-tsuyu on stand-by at home so must go get ingredients back to prepare some and keep in the fridge. This round, i mixed my zaru soba with some garlic oil and a dash of soy sauce and topped it with spring onions and some garlic bits from the oil. Had it with hard-boiled eggs. Oh, so cold, so slurpy, so satisfying... the perks when one knows how to make soba on demand...... the recipe to make soba is included. So, hop over :)

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