Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blogging at Al Hijrah

It's been a while since i blogged away from home. Used to do that when the kids were younger and i had plenty of time to kill. Now, each day is filled with endless schoolruns, lol. Drive here, drive there, drive everywhere, and nothing much gets down for myself. It's all them, them, them and them. Am now with my small kid at Al Hijrah, our favorite Nasi Kandar restaurant. He's here to do his homework whilst i provide love to this blog of mine.

My typical weekday starts at 6am where i send big kid off, right down to 12am when i'm more like dead tired from helping small kid with his homework, lol. Once in a while, hubs and i will take him out to the restaurant to do his homework. Well, food and drinks are cheap here, accompanied by free wifi, hehehe. 

Talking of wifi, i had to stop tethering from my phone as my cilakak telco implemented the so-called fup policy recently. All i'm left with now is just a meagre 10gb of data to use each month. That just translates to virtually zero video streamings and data intensive sites like facebook.

Frankly speaking, who in this world can survive with just 10gb of data la, haimai. Really makes no sense to keep paying and paying for lines that drop like 28447592 times per day. Bah... i dowan to talk about this upsetting issue anymore *sulk* Well, i just have to make good use of what i have right now. Good also as i'm forced to spend more time on my amigurumi orders than watching vids, hahahah. I am still at the winning end at the end of the day, waddaheck!!!


Optikal said...
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Awani Kirana said...

hi Samm.. found your blog from Google Malaysia. I just read your writing and it sparks my interest. I've bookmarked your blog so i can come back easily..

Cameron VSJ said...

Hi there! Just got done checking out your blog and had a quick question. I was hoping you could email me back when you get the chance. Thanks!