Friday, January 03, 2014

Gordon's Donald and Daisy Duck

We cleared the attic of accumulated debris last year. There were just so much stored up there over the years. Well, not 100 percent as many of those things are my in-law's belongings. Those, we left unopened. Managed to claim some much needed floor space for storing more unused items, lol.

My kids were happy as they got to look at so many boxes and things that were brought down. Hubs and I just hadda make some ultra quick decisions as to which boxes to thrash and what to keep for repacking. Not an easy task.

Gordon was uber happy to meet all his friends, especially the Disney Gang. After a bath using Melaleuca's Melapower, and disinfecting them all with Soluguard, he brought all of them back into the bedroom!!! Omg... there are over 30 plush toys big and small, uknow!!!

I let him do as he please for a week or so. Most of them are now kept in a clear zippered bag for easy retrieval and he can choose to have only 3 of those Disney plush in the room each time. As for Malcolm, he'd rather leave his up at the attic, lol.

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