Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mending clothes

I saw a few holes in my #2's clothes. One, in his pj pants, one at the shoulder of his tee, another shirt has missing buttons, and the list goes on. I have those clothes stacked in a neat little pile near the bottom of the bed. Something must have triggered my sewing switch and i threaded a needle and sewed them all. To be honest, i cant even find the right sewing terms as i'm more of a crochet and knitting person for decades. The only times i have to hold needles is when i have to join my nuigurumi parts together. My kid sat beside me all the time and watched as i mended his clothes. Those are quite old clothes and i have always advised him that for as long as he can still fit into them, he can wear them until he decides to give them away. And i will always mend all the tears and holes. He's happy and i'm happy too :)

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