Thursday, February 21, 2013

Laundry laundry laundry.... bluueeekk

I am gonna club whoever says doing laundry is therapeutic. Oh yes, some bitch said it once many many years back when we were at the peak of our blogging frenzy. We are no longer friends with each other after some major disagreement, lol. And no, not over laundry. Issshhhh.... i digress. Let's get back to the laundry topic. Now, here i am, sitting and waiting for the second load to finish washing. There'll be another load by the time #2 comes back from school. Aitelyu, sometimes, when we look at those laundry detergent ads on tv. Those cilakak manufacturers really make it look like laundry can just walk into the washing machine on their own, get washed, and climb out onto the lines, back into the wardrobe folded and ironed. My gawd... so many different kinds of loads to wash almost everyday. Heavy soiled one la, colored ones la, whites la.... Any silai would go siao in no time la lidat. Lei wa hai mai.

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