Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A lot has happened in this household of late. All due to the fact the old folks here allow one of their daughters and kids to come and go as they please every day. The elder boy causes a lot of problems and mischiefs when he's back from school at noon. Like peep at me from the top of the adjoining wall opening where both bathroom and toilet share a common fluorescent lamp, like pee into the water container that came with my iron, and then pour the contents into the iron. The daughter and two other kids come over around 7pm, when bathroom usage is at its peak, kicking a big fuss whenever i happen to be inside. The kitchen is just right next to my bedroom, and we have to bear with a lot of noise till they leave. There's no peace at all as she likes to yell at the kids rushing them through bath and dinner for tuition. I got fed up one day and gave everyone a dose of my laser tongue though not directly, but enough to keep them away till now. Today's the first day of the school's third semester, and the big boy is still over here. Pray hard the rest stay where they are and let us live here in peace. Just now, hubby came back into the room looking rather upset. He had a chat with his folks and apparently, the father still refused to believe the kid poured his pee into my iron. Well, he was also ignorant enough to say the kid didnt manage to see anything when he peeped at me. Instead of focusing on what the did, he chose to debate on whether he saw anything or not. So, if he didnt see anything, it's alright and he's off the hook. Sure, i dont really care cos that's not my kid. Let him get bolder and go rape someone next time then. Hubby's mother also chose to side them each time and denied everything. Oh well, let those fidiots continue to live in denial and i'll leave it to Karma to deal with them.

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