Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Yakult Lady

I'm sure a lot of moms and dads picking up their kids after school would have noticed a lady with a trolley bag selling yakult near the school. Nothing against her, but i hate it when my kid just want to drag me over to buy a bottle. If i dont buy for my kid, those sei8phor silais will say i'm stingy. If i buy, it'll turn into a hard-to-break habit for my kid. Not to mention extra expenditure too if it happens on a daily basis. Not only that, it's also a waste of time trying to get my kid back to the car. She even drops by when it rains! So, now you know how much i detest the yakult lady la, ok.

1 comment:

Ebb said...

better drinks like yakult/vitagen than carbonated drinks. didn't you have any vitagen or choc drink at school when you were small?

if you don't want your kids to buy it, who cares if the auntie look at you as stingy. you have your own reasons.