Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Laptop USB Cooling Fan

I bought myself a new usb cooling fan for my 3.5yo Benq laptop. I used to hate working on my laptop as it emitted a constant loud whirring sound which drives me crazy. I guess it’s due to the internal fan working really hard to prevent the laptop from over-heating.

Last week, i had it reformatted and installed with Windows 7 Home Basic. It’s good enough for me as i only use this laptop for blogging. Time i get back to doing something that i used to be good at, lol.

Coming back to my cooling fan, mine has a large fan at the centre, unlike the ones that has two smaller fans on each side. It also has a blue light that comes on once i plug it to my usb port. My keyboard used to feel really hot after some time, but after using the cooling fan, it’s “cool”, haha. Both my palms no longer sweat due to the heat.

This is by far the best thing that i’ve bought for my laptop. I believe this small little investment will even extend my laptop’s lifespan, lol. Great as i really do not want to buy a new one so soon. If you dont have one, hurry up and go buy usb cooling fan.


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