Monday, September 12, 2011

Shall i move back to KL?

About a week ago, i was feeling so down that i even contemplated moving out of this house. The old folks are proving to be a real pain in the neck lately. Why, just why, must old folks be such a bunch of difficult people to live with. They are just so discontented with life and the people around them. At times, i do feel as though i'm living in a pressure cooker.

After more than a decade here, i am seriously thinking of moving back to KL and start all over again. Having said all these, i guess my life is still better than my friend, who has to deal with a very bad-tempered MIL with epileptic seizures every now and then. She's the only living with her as her hubby is on contract overseas and cant be home till the following Christmas.

Speaking of epileptic seizures, i read that Topamax, a drug used to treat epileptic seizures may cause serious birth defect like babies being born with a cleft palate. Therefore, if you happen to be taking this drug, do consult your doctor before getting pregnant. Never take chances or you may soon find yourself filing a Topamax lawsuit. 

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