Monday, May 23, 2011

Didnt i tell you many times over my SILs are dumb bitches

Sometimes, words just fail me as to why people can be such a dumb bitchy dumb bitch. You know what happened yesterday? My SIL came over with two family pics. One is of my in-laws and them 6 siblings. The other is of the whole clan, BUT, without hubby, myself and our two kids. Now, please tell me, what's the meaning of a family pic? If one "living" family member is missing from that pic, it's not a complete family pic. Moreover, that pic was dated 2008. We did take one this year during CNY but she chose not to bring that over citing it's not nice. CHIPET!! You come and place a family pic in our house without us in it and you feel it's ok? What if it's the other way round? But even if i did, it's RIGHT cos it's MY house. Dont you agree that it's a direct insult to hubby, myself and our two little ones. We're not dead la, ok. She claimed that it's to make my FIL happy as my MIL is now hospitalised, blah, blah, blah. Who aint sad at this moment la, ok. But please have some brains and dont play filial games at our expense. I told hubby to tell his sister to take it back. We were out the whole day, and it's gone by the time we returned home. Good la. If not, it'll end up elsewhere. Just dont start an issue with me @#$%&(

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