Sunday, January 16, 2011

In a make-shift arm sling :(

I woke up with a dreadful pain at the back of my arm, right below the shoulder. Oh man, i'm usually not the kind that whines over slight pain, but this is really a bit way over the "bearable" category. I had a bad pain at the left shoulder blade sometime last month, but that went away on its own a few weeks later. I used to be able to stretch my left hand all the way up my back till i can touch the nape of my neck, but since the shoulder blade pain, i've not been able to do so without feeling a stabbing pain each time.

Two days ago, i tried stretching my left hand up my back during bath time, but stopped short when i started to feel pain. The stabbing pain came when i opened my eyes this morning. I was sleeping on my left, which exacerbated the pain overnight. I applied liquid analgesic as soon as i woke up (not helping also). Now, i'm using a nappy cloth as a make-shift arm sling to lessen the movement as i go around my daily chores. Pray the pain goes away on its own soon.

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L B said...

get well soon!! hugs and wishes XOX