Friday, November 05, 2010

Of RON95 and RON97

A friend told me she just switched to RON97 recently. She claims that her car performs better than when she was using RON95. When i first bought my Alza half a year ago, i also asked the saleslady whether should i use RON97 or RON95. She says mine's okay with the latter. According to some "reliable source", cars nowadays catch fire easily even during minor collision. This is due to the fact that RON95 has a higher amount of "undisclosed cheap, but highly flammable additive" in it, hence its lower selling price. Just when i want to switch to RON97, its price rose by another 5 cents, sigh. Looks like my plan to buy a gold bullion every now and then remains a dream. Better to have a safer driving experience than invest in gold bullion now i guess. 

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