Friday, October 01, 2010

The Friday that was

It's Friday. No more rushing here there everywhere for the next two days. Ahhhhh.... bliss. I also got a lot of weekend chores done tonight. I washed all of Gordon's uniforms, and also the piled up dairty clothes. All on the clothes rack now. Things like tumblers and food containers are all washed. Leaving only the shoes for when i feel like washing it, lol. He still have another pair for next week.

Now, i've already taken out Gordon's homework for the week. All ready for him to finish. Poor boy. So slow at his writing. Final exam is two weeks away. I have to make good use of every minute there is to help him score. I'm happy as long as my boy improves, i'm one happy mama. Ok, gotta go put those two rascals to bed. More posts to write for the next 20 hours :)

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