Saturday, September 04, 2010

Time to renew your hosting account?

I'm really glad i got all my banking done right before the school holidays. I just cannot imagine how i'm going to handle two kids at the bank, lol. I paid my car loan, i banked in all the cheques that's been rotting inside my drawer, and also cashed out my Adsense earnings, woohoo. I got quite a good rate at the bank on Thursday at Rm3.15 to 1USD. Not bad considering ringgit is strengthening well against the dollar. I hope my Adsense earnings keep increasing. Whatever it is, i'm glad i'm getting three times the money for my online activities.

Now that USD has gone down, i did not withdraw the funds from my paypal account. Instead, i used some of it to pay for my hosting and also whatever that requires renewing for the next 12 months. It's the best way to spend it now. I'm not too much a fan of online shopping as the shopping as i find that shipping rates is normally higher that the goods that i purchase online, lol.

As for my blogging buddies, is it time to renew your hosting accounts yet? If it is, you may want to check out the packages at Me, i'm going to stick with mine for the time being as my webmaster is the most helpful person on earth. I gotta go send the kids over to my mom's now. Catch up with you guys later on, ok.

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