Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Ma, i want to talk to you", says Malcolm

I just have to blog this down before it slips my mind forever. Gordon's small little birthday party is over and we're all busy with our own things. Gordon's outside at the living hall reading his Maths book. Malcolm was playing with the balloon decorations from the birthday cake, and also the green toy soldiers like the ones in Toy Story. Papa's taking a nap, and me, i'm still having gold, gold, gold and more gold diarrhea.

Malcolm took a red stool and placed it next to my chair. He then sat down on it and said, "Ma, i want to talk to you", in a very serious tone and also with a serious look on his face. Surprised, i stopped doing what i was doing, turned the volume from the speakers off, so that i can give him my full attention. Wahhh.... Malcolm wants to talk to me worrr. It must be really important.

That very sentence even got Papa to open his eyes. He witnessed how i had a serious mother-and-son conversation with Malcolm. I asked him what he needed to talk to me about. He looked me in the eye and told me, "Ma, i'm hungry. I want to eat noodles". I didnt laugh. I swallowed my laughter and continued talking to him. I want him to understand that i will always attend to him with full attention no matter how busy i am. I believe this will pave the way for less tantrums in the future. He just has to do it the correct way.

Thereafter, i went to honor my kid's request and he was so happy to see his bowl of noodles, lol.


Physiomom said...

Perhaps he was too busy playing throughout d party dat he didn't eat much. Dats why he is Seriously hungry n felt guilty?? Lol! He is sooo cute!

Samm said...

Ya, he looked and spoke so seriously. I just had to give him my fullest attention. But good also this little guy reasons well when in a good mood. So, easier to teach.

Wabbitfoot said...

Haha....very cute la. Malcolm indeed is a big boy now..