Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Why i'm using AIO Diapers

Right after my previous post, a good friend sent me a message on MSN and asked me why my 4 year old is still wearing AIO Diapers. Well, for one, he can still fit in them though he's already 4. He's small for his age lah, ok. Another thing is, since he doesnt pee in his sleep every night, i dont think it's justifiable to waste an unsoiled disposable diaper that's been worn overnight. I dont reuse disposable diapers also. Disposables are far too costly in the long run. I only use them when i'm traveling or when he's down with diarrhea. And also when i'm sick and has no energy left for washing nappies each morning.

And since i have one AIO diaper which was a gift when Malcolm was born, it'll suffice. The only thing is that i have to wash it every morning. If he pees, i have to rinse it a few times. if not, a light rinsing will do. I dont use the terry insert that came with the AIO as i find it too thick and leaves a smell no matter how many times i wash it and hand it out in the hot sun to dry. Moreover, it also takes a zillion hours to dry properly. I only use two cloth diapers folded into a long rectangle to fit the AIO and that's it. Dries in a jiffy too, even when it rains. So now that you know, happy??? :p

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