Monday, July 19, 2010

New work place

I did not head back home to work on my blogs today. Instead, i tried working from the food center as i brought along my laptop. It's cooling here and for the 1 buck i paid for my chrysanthemum tea, i get to save on fuel, time and household resources. Hubby told me to work here many times before. The only thing i dont like about this place is that it has far too many loud drinkers.

I think i'm going to do this from today onwards. It's defintely better than having to drive all the way home, then drive all the way back here, then go home and blah, blah, blah and blah, lol. Home is sure more comfortable, but then, nothing much gets done due to lack of time. Moreover, i do get distracted by other things around the house. 

Let's see how this new routine goes, If all goes well, i hope to see my income improves again. I'm once again at the lowest point of my life and hating it. Watudu..... sigh. Time to work that brain and fingers again. No point whining............

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