Saturday, July 17, 2010

Exam preparation - Nama Binatang

This is how i test Gordon with animal names. As he's done a lot of reading in class, i just want to make sure he can spell them all correctly. I'll copy the drawing from his exercise book and let him write down the word on his favorite magnetic drawing board. I dont do this all in one sitting. He's been busy at the pc since evening. I test him with one word every 15 minutes or so, alternating with a synonym. He does make a mistake every now and then. Just have to be very patient and help him learn. One word at a time, even if it takes hours or days. Exam is on Thursday.

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Inspired Momx1 said...

Same here. My son who is in Std 1 is having his exam in 10 days' time. There are so many Bahasa vocabs to put into their head, so the mommy splits the vocab learning process into five words a day and test them anytime anywhere possible.. though tiring but is the only effective way I can think of.