Friday, July 16, 2010

Buy tire-pressure gauge online

Today is the first day of yet another round of subsidy cuts for essential goods. I got to know about it around 8pm, so didnt bother to go refill my petrol tank. Moreover, the nearest Caltex is about 3km away from my house. The savings wont mean a thing if i were to drive all the way there and back again just so to refill it at 5 cents lesser.

To me, i'd rather practice good driving habits each day. So far, my Alza's average fuel consumption has dropped further down to 11.7l/100km. At Rm1.85, it's still doing 21.64 cents per km. Very high for a 1.5l mini mpv. Well, it's still new and i've only driven 3000km plus with it since early April. I should see it dropping further after its second service.

I'm now getting around 355km per full tank. My friend's Alza has a reading of 547km with a full tank. Didnt ask what's her average fuel reading is. Each time i go fill up my tank, i will make sure my car's tires are inflated to the proper pressure with the help of a tire-pressure gauge. I bought my tire-pressure gauge from Parkson's car accessories department.

So, if you're looking for a tire-pressure gauge, why not check out Accutire MS-4021B? I've read good reviews on Accutire MS-4021 tire pressure gauge. Dont be surprised this small little gadget can save you a lot on fuel in the long run, and also lengthen the lifespan of your car tires. Dont forget that equal pressure on all four tires also means your driving is safer.

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