Friday, June 25, 2010

Marital shit

Marriage brings along with it many unexpected events, issues and people into one's life. And mine, has no shortage of all of the above. I've encountered lots of shit throughout the years i've come back to live with hubby's family. I get people accusing me of opening their letters. I get people sitting on the bed and watching the drama unfold even though she knew i did not do it. I get people telling me i should not walk around bra-less at home. I get people adding salt to injury. I get people coming over and turning off all your electrical items claiming the electro-magnetic field gives them a headache. I get people going through my things. I get people wearing my house slippers. I get people throwing away my house slippers when i explained to them that house slippers are "personal items" and to please not wear it for hygienic reasons. I get people telling me off just because i told their kids not to enter my bedroom. I get people coming over to tell my hubby i dont housework. I get people generous enough to hire a daily to come over to clean the house and at the same time throw things and rant so loud that the neighbors can hear it. I get people telling my hubby i should cook. I get people who assume if i can sit at the pc whole day long, i should go get a job. I get people teaching me how i should teach my kids. I get people insisting i should try for a girl. I get people telling me i should buy a house. I get people telling me i'm being inconsiderate just because i had to stop picking their kid up from school for them. I get people leaving clothes trailing from living hall to bathroom when the house becomes a convenient pit-stop. I get people throwing wet towels conveniently into my laundry basket. I get people emptying all my organic bathing items down the drain in a single bath session. I get people whining they cant rest in the guest room cos i place clothes on the bed. I get people telling me i should clear the guest room just so that bitch can nap there. I get people bringing their brood over for days on end whenever they feel like it when they have marital problems. I get people stuffing shit down my bathroom drainhole habitually. I get people yelling at me when i tell them in a well-controlled tone to handle the shit. I get people telling me i give them face color even though i did not. I get people telling me "what attitude" when it's clear the problem lies with their own attitude. I get people who cannot handle their own kid's shit and have to order the wife over to deal with such a lowly task. I get people lansi lanyeong sit at the living hall and wait for the wife taking her own sweet time to come over as the fil clear the shit from the bathroom. I guess it's a neverending story. I'll add more if i can remember but why bother, haimai.

Dont tell me how to teach my kids. Dont tell me how to live my life. Dont complain about my lifestyle. Go mind your own business. Dont tell me to move out. I married into the family. There's something called filial piety. If i can deal with all the shit above, then by all means, deal with having me in your live cos i also happen to be part of your all-inclusive marriage package deal. If you feel as though i'm talking about you, then yes, i am talking about you you you you you and you too. If i give you a dose of my venom, then take pride i take the effort to tell the whole world what shitty people i have to encounter day in day out. You truly deserve every single drop of it. The shit has hit the fan. So, like it or not, this is my blog, and i rule here. I no longer enjoy ranting here anymore cos you people are crawling all over it so i might as well spit it all out in one shot. If you dont like what i posted here, there's always the x button at the top right corner of your browser. Damn, i feel a hell lot better now. 


Lucy Liew said...

I'd tell them to go f*** themselves.. but that's just me..

Prem said...

got to give it to you , your anger brings out gud vocabulory and gud writing .

Wabbitfoot said...

Very well written! and I can feel the fire burning.

Well, it is your blog and you can do whatever you want here. So keep the venom juice flowing :)