Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gordon's school bags

These are Gordon's school bags. This pic was taken on his first day of school. I brought both bags along to see if he can manage them or not. Too bad, he's far too fascinated with his new surroundings and i was afraid he might forget to bring the smaller bag down from his class after school. And that was the only time i took it along to school.

Today, i had no choice but to use it to store his school exercise books. He has to take almost all his text books today. It's far too taxing for someone with a small frame like him. How to expect small kids to carry such heavy loads on their backs la. Really pitiful sight. He was rather surprised to see me packing his exercise books into the yellow bag this morning.

This afternoon, as we alighted from the car, i reminded Gordon to bring it back. He gave me a nod. I reminded him once more during recess and he gave me another nod, lol. After school, i was so glad to see my kid walking towards the school gates with his small yellow bag in hand. I'm happy that my kid now has less weight on his shoulders.

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