Sunday, May 16, 2010

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Sunday is almost over. I've spent almost the whole day cleaning up the room. I've not even mopped the floor yet and it's about time i have to get dinner ready. Somehow, i dont feel like cooking at all. Malcolm is away at my mom's. Gordon is home playing with his Wii since his school exam is over. I'll let him enjoy the weekend for once. Oh, let's just say i need time to do my own things for a change instead of making him do his workbooks. The car also needs washing. I've not washed it for a week and black streaks are showing up everywhere. White car needs a lot of maintenance, you know. For once, i'll just head to the carwash center and let them do the work for me, lol.

After that, i need to go to the salon for a hairwash. I have a farewell party tonight and am still wondering if i should take both kids along or leave them behind. 

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