Thursday, April 15, 2010

Best Web Hosts 2010

I'm in the mood for a drink now. Unfortunately, hubby's not around to accompany me. I have two choice. It's either i drink some of my in-law's brandy, or i go out and buy myself some beer from the foodcourt. Come to think of it, neither appeals to me. One, i'm not fond of brandy. Two, i'm too dead tired to drive out. Maybe i should get my friend to buy me some discounted wholesale beer. I blog better after a few glasses, lol. Believe me, the words flow online effortlessly.

This afternoon, a close friend wanted to set up a few new blogs. She told me she doesnt want them hosted on her current webhosting account. She wants to get a new one and asked me where i host mine and who the best 10 web hosts of 2010 are. We discussed about where to get the best web hosting packages after learning about her needs. I told her she can either get a VPS Web Hosting or Multiple Domain Hosting. She's more interested in the VPS web hosting package as i told her all my blogs are on VPS web hosting account. Well, i'll leave it to her to decide which webhosting suits her best.

My one-new-blog-a-week project still havent taken off though it's already mid April now. I'm more than a dozen blogs behind my target, lol. Oh, nevermind. I can produce them on-demand anytime. Just that i need to have lots time to really sit down and concentrate. I dont think i'll get to work on them until the day i dont have to have recess with my kid. As always, parenting duties comes first.

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