Sunday, March 07, 2010

Formatted my PC.... again

I formatted my PC again last night. I dont know what caused its demise. I could have been anything. Anyway, it's like a virgin now and i have to reinstall the zillions of softwares and drivers i need for my work @#$%^&*(. Now, i cant even play Farmville with my Firefox browser as it keeps popping up some windows asking me to install some dunno wat files. It's still stuck even after i've allowed it and wouldnt finish loading, cheh. Have to use Flock for my Facebook again. My friend told me she just added a video card after seeing some great deals on video cards online. She was hoping it can help improve her gameplay, lol. Honestly, it wont lah. With the kind of broadband connection we have, forget about playing FB apps without loading issues. Slow is the name of the game, period :p

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