Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Samm goes back to school

Oh, yes, you heard me right. My kid goes to school, the blogger mom goes with him too. After weeks of observing my kid's behaviour, somehow, the school recognized he needs extra care. Though he had no choice but to go to school like every other kid his age, he's still very much a baby compared to them. It's gonna take longer for him to learn all the things that his peers take for granted.

I now have permanent access granted so that i can go into the school compound. So, the moment i reach school, i'll lead him to his row at the basketball court. Then, i go to the teachers room to help him pass up his homework and speak with all his teachers. At 3pm, i go back to the school to eat with him. I use that precious 20 minutes to make sure he eats, drinks and goes to the toilet. At the same time, i help him make friends.

At around 6pm, i'll go back to his class to help him take down his days' homework and pack his bag. He'll learn eventually, but the teacher does not have time on hand to do that for him everyday. Though very tiring, i dont mind it at all cos he's my kid. To me, helping my kid build social skills, self-esteem and confidence is much more important than academic achievement. That'll come later.

As i get to leave a few minutes earlier than everyone else, i also avoid all the traffic jam. After his bath and dinner, it's time to check on his homework and make him finish up as much as possible. He's slow and needs lots of coaxing. If it's still early, i'll do some revision with him. I no longer have much time to blog at night. So, forget about asking me stuffs like where to get the best eczema treatment online.

Public school authorities arent all that bad. I've heard lots of things about them being unhelpful and such. Keep the lansi-ness to yourself if you want to work out an amicable solution with them. They are helpful if you address your needs well. So far, i'm happy with the arrangement. Hope my kid has a wonderful time in school. The blogger mom is not far away. Follow me at Starbucks, Kopitiam Junction, .......


Twin said...

pretty tiring for you. i'm worried for my 5yo entering into P1 next yr. he's not doing so well in chinese. :(

~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

Samm, you are an awesome mom!! I really salute you for all the efforts to make sure that Gordon fits in well... Reading this post really reminds me how much mothers sacrifice for their kids!! Take care now!