Sunday, January 17, 2010

Recess time - Gordon is not eating nor drinking

Week 2 - Day 5

After the past five schooldays, parents arent allowed into the school compound anymore. Once you've let your kid into the school gates, you have to stand outside. If you need to talk to the teacher, you'll have to get a pass from the security guard.

What i noticed is that, for the whole week, my kid isnt eating during recess. I'm okay with the "not eating" part cos he goes to school with a full stomach. But it's the "not drinking" part that bugs me. It's afternoon session and the weather is so hot. I've spoken with the school authorities and i was told to produce a letter from his doctor in order for me to be there to make sure he eats and drink during recess. And yes, i'm going to do just that. Let's see how things go next week. All these running up and down is giving me hormonal acne, aitelyu.

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Twin said...

poor gordon .. hope he's ok.