Thursday, January 14, 2010

Homework woes

Week 2 - Day 4

Looks like my parenting duties extends all the way to the school. Gordon, being one happy-go-lucky kid that lives in a world of his own, he cannot understand that the school he's attending now is not the same as the Kindy he went to for the last three years. The teachers at his Kindy will make sure he doesnt leave anything behind and will place all his homework together for easy access. This is because my kid cannot tell me he has homework nor what homework to pass up the following day. They will also take his workbooks from his bag the following day for marking.

Now, Gordon has to get help from his friend and class teacher to help him write down in his homework notebook. On my side, i have also taken down the phone numbers of a few mothers in his class. Each night, i have to sms them to check for homework. I just pray they dont get tired of me so soon. Last night, after a round of Sms and phonecalls, i found that Gordon has one missing activity book. I believe this is just one of those extra duties in store for me.

This afternoon, after making sure he's safely at his place at the basketball court where all the kids congregate before heading to their respective classes, i went up to the Teacher's Room to have a word with his class teacher. Thank god he left his Activity book behind. It's all my fault as i've forgotten to write his name down on it. It's a new book that's just been handed to him the day before. I havent even wrapped it yet. Oh man..... i still have a few more waiting to be wrapped.

I then went back to the gates to wait till i see him walk up to his class. Then only i realised in my haste to pack his schoolbag last night, i forgot to write his name on two other workbooks for today. And so, i went to his class again and did just that. I also took the opportunity to talk to the boy seated next to him and asked him to help out Gordon whenever possible. Like, help him pass up his homework to the teacher, write his homework down for him in the notebook, remind him to drink water and to take his food and tumbler down with him to the canteen during recess, and try to get him to sit with them whenever possible.

I know it's a lot on the other boy, but i try my best to help my kid in school. It's also my duty as a parent to talk to his teachers as much as possible so that i can keep track of his progress. I want them to understand more about my kid and that he's just a little different from other kids his age. It's a long process and it's only just begun. Let's see what's instore for me tonight when i check his bag. Hope i can locate all the missing pieces of his daily jigsaw puzzle.

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Twin said...

another new challenge for us as parents. :)