Monday, November 16, 2009

Found the driver for my HP Deskjet F4185

I went to hp's website just now and found the required driver to get my HP Deskjet F4185 running again. It's been idle since i switched my pc's OS to Windows 7 way back in July i think. As i seldom turn my laptop on, i've not printed anything with it till now. It's being downloaded now and i hope the printer's head didnt dry out and conk out last time. It happens all the time. Come to think of it. I buy a new printer each time i have to print something, lol. Lucky for me printers are so cheap these days. Well, i may just take mine to the shop and get them to modify it for me so that i can save on ink next time. Let's see if it works or not first. Test it tomorrow when i wake up :)

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