Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bought watercolor pencils and crayons for my boys :)

I promised Gordon i'll buy him a box of watercolor pencils. And so, right after lunch, hubby drove over to Jusco. We wasted around 30 minutes just trying to look for a parking space. Damn, that place is so freaking jammed on weekends. We were just about to leave for Parkson when a car reversed out from his lot near the exit. So, it's double lucky day for Gordon.

I took him to MPH and he spent quite a long time there browsing the book section. I want him to like books more than my gadgets. Anyway, i've kept all those gadgets from him. Now that he has a brand new box of watercolor pencils, i hope the long holidays will be filled with lots of fun. Malcolm also got a box of crayons too. My two boys are so happy. Wait, i'll show you what Malcolm did with his crayons on the way home.

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