Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I have dark circles under eyes.... blehhhh

Just got back from my Mom's after a nice homecooked meal. Havent been eating her cooking for quite some time already and it's oh-so-good. Must go home more often. I havent been sleeping well for the past few nights. My period gave me a bad backache and i'm willing it to go away NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!!!! I want a good night's sleep as dark circles under eyes, or racoon eyes, are no longer in fashion, ok. Hubby is on his way back home and i hope he'll help me keep an eye on the kids. Given the choice, i'd rather go sleep at the hotel for a few days and leave the kids with him. Who wants to join me?

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SimpleGirl said...

i used to have bad backache before my menses as well, but true enough after taking YYS Bak Foong Yun, so good, I don't have anymore backache...haha sounds like commercial ad...but iot's true