Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Gordon's bruised ears

I noticed Gordon had two bruised ears on the 12th September last month. It was a Saturday. The bruises looked fresh. I asked my boy and he couldnt tell me who did that to him. I was so frustrated to see him getting hurt this way. This is because Gordon still cannot relate much to me. He knows he's hurt but at the same time, i'm sure he's also glad i noticed.

Gordon only goes to three places during the week; the Kindy, his Tutor's on weekdays, and to the art school on Saturdays. I cannot tell where he got the bruises from these three places. I chose to be silent on this matter as i'm sure it will repeat itself. I check on him everyday before he leaves the house and the moment i go to pick him up from the Kindy, his Tutor's and the art school each time. And soon enough, it did recur last Saturday.

I was away in Penang on that day. Hubby told me he witnessed a boy one head taller than Gordon pulling and pinching at his right ear when he went to pick him up from the art school. My boy tried to duck but still ended up with a slightly bruised ear, and some cut marks left by long fingernails last Saturday. I wonder why he didnt speak to the school that day. But i guess it must have been difficult for him to handle two kids on his own that day.

I'll have a word with the person in charge next Saturday and make sure Gordon is kept well away from the class bully. No point talking to the boy's parents also as i'm sure they'll say their kid is the best and always right. If the school is unable to do so, it's either i switch him to a different time or the school loses a student.

In a way, i'm very relieved that it's not any of the educators or caretakers that caused Gordon's bruised ears. I know Gordon can be quite a handful at times and people who doesnt understand him may tend to lose their patience after a while.

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2crazydogs said...

i'm glad you found the culprit. poor gordon boy.