Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My poor blue-black shin

Do you prefer to sleep in the dark or with a night light on? Me, i prefer to sleep with the night light on, but hubby wants the whole room to be in total darkness. Same goes to my kids. If not, they will be tempted to sit up in bed and play. Gordon is easy-going and can will go to sleep with a little persuasion. Malcolm will only sleep with his 'Nenn".

Last night, as usual, i turned off the lights when it's time for bed. Hubby was outside reading his new book. I told him not to come in for the next 30 minutes or so as the kids wont want to sleep with him around. They tend to climb all over the place and play with each other.I think he received a phonecall and went out for a drink with some friends later.

I fell asleep together with my kids. I then remembered i locked the bedroom door to stop them from leaving the room. I scrambled out of bed to unlock it for hubby who's still out with his friends. As the room was in complete darkness, i knocked my shin against the Ikea plastic chair placed at the foot of the bed, near the night light $%^&*&^%$$%^&^%$#$.

My leg now sports a huge blue-black bruise. I have a gathering to attend this weekend and now, i dont feel like wearing the new mini skirt i bought here earlier. It's such a lovely mini skirt. Oh, go over and take a look at those mini skirts there and you'll get what i mean. Now i gotta stick with jeans again, sigh.... Had better remember to place my emergency lights under the pillow so that i can turn it on when i wanna move around in the dark next time.

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