Friday, September 04, 2009

Math genius in the making?

Gordon surprised both hubby and i when he walked up to us and said "7 + 1 = 8". I thought he was just reciting something that he saw on the computer game. We told him it's correct and he walked back. He walked up again later and told us "8 + 8 = 16". And that's when i started asking him to add numbers up and he's able to tell me the answer. Phwoooah... you know what that means? MY KID CAN COUNT. HE CAN ADD NUMBERS UP!!!! This morning, i asked him to add up double digits with single digits and he also answered me correctly. You know how sibeh happy i am now.

I dont care about the recent happenings that's made me so sad over the past one week. Nothing beats seeing progress in Gordon. He even got 9 out of 10 correct for his spelling. Gordon's really getting the hang of learning things now and i'm more than happy to spend more time helping him learn new things. His teacher told me his Math progress too and she's very surprised at the things he knows that the other kids doesnt. I hope in time to come, his communication skills will improve so that i can turn him into a Math genius, can hoh.


2crazydogs said...

Keep up the good work, Samm. Reminds me of Rain Man movie, that fella is a number freak!

SimpleJenn said...

I wanted to say somethin but dunno how to say it. So all i can say is, I'm happy for u!