Sunday, September 27, 2009

I cant stand lady drivers, PERIOD!!!

I have nothing against lady drivers but they do get on my nerves every now and then. Last week, hubby was trying to get a parking space at the mall. He was driving round and round the carpark patiently. I told him to look for one at the higher levels as we werent able to find one after driving round for more than 10 minutes. He listened and we went up to the fourth level carpark.

Upon reaching the top, there was a lady driver right at the junction and she just stopped there. There were like five more cars right behind us and she wouldnt budge. Everyone was honking madly. The lady driver just refused to drive her car to make way for us to pass through. Can you imagine how mad everyone was?

Someone from the car behind us walked up to her and gave her window a knock to get her to move away. She told him she couldnt find the exit sign. How dumb can she be. There are huge EXIT SIGNS at every corner of the carpark guiding drivers and yet she says she cant see any exit signs at all. Blind or what? To everyone's dismay, she walked out of her car with her handphone to her ear to look round the place to see which way to go.

I tell you, if this lady driver ever encounter a road bully, she's really asking for it. She's actually waiting for someone to get into her car to help her look for the exit sign.... DOHHHHH!!!!!! Can you see why i cannot stand lady drivers like this. I bet you'll be mad at her too, right. If hubby hadnt stopped me, i would have given her a dose of my organic venom :p

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