Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Gordon turned 6

Gordon turned 6 years old last Saturday. We didnt go anywhere that day. By the time we manage to leave the house, it's time for his Art Class already. We used the time after we sent him for his Art Class to go buy him a birthday cake. As usual, we bought him Nancy Chong's butter cake. After that, we went for a meal at Kopitiam Junction at Parkson. It rained so hard that we were half an hour late by the time we went to pick him up.

Gordon is the kind of kid that seldom request for things unless he really needs it. He requested that i set up his Wii for him the moment i got out of bed. It's as though he knows i'll honor him this request that day, lol. I did, of course. It's Gordon's birthday after all. Hubby bought him a nice new Tee from KL. He wore that to sleep the night before, and put on the new pair of Jeans i bought for him on his birthday.

We told him on Friday night that he'll get to blow candles the next day, and the first thing he did when hubby wished him Happy Birthday was he blew imaginary candles at him. It's Gordon's way of telling/reminding him not to forget his birthday cake. Here in this pic, you can see how happy my boy is when he cut his cake.

Gordon is indeed a very special child. It takes lots and lots of patience to bring him up. Communicating with him is half guesswork, half telepathy. Only i can somehow make out what he actually wants cos i'm his mother, the one who's there by his side 24/7. At 6, his communication skills is still kinda like a 4 year old. I assure myself over and over that as long as i see progress in him, that's all that matters.

No matter what happens, Gordon will always be the bundle of joy i brought back from the hospital on 29th August 2003. It's him that brought out the blogger in me. Without him, i may still be the ex-party-animal that i was. He may be difficult at times, but that's just HIM. He's made tremendous progress over the years. I love every bit about my boy. His laughter, the twinkle in his eyes, his charm, his tears, his tantrums, everything....

Have no fear!!! Papa, Mama & Malcolm will always be here for you. You already have the ultimate Birthday Present of all. You have me holding your hands as you fall asleep every single night. You have me with you under the sheets when thunder strikes. You have me spoiling you everyday. I gave you Malcolm to play with, to fight with, to share things with, to love, to care for, etc. You have me me me me me... not enough meh. You can still ask for more, just dont ask for a Mei-mei.

Love you, Son. Happy 6th Birthday to you.


Here's something that i mutter to myself every now and then:

"God, make me a better parent
May i never punish them for my own selfish satisfaction,
or to show my power
Bless me with bigness to grant them all their reasonable requests
And the courage to deny them privileges i know will do them harm"


2crazydogs said...

Happy Birthday, Gordon!! Wah 6 years old already. Samm, I still have those pics you'd sent me when you were expecting Gordon, and also his first month! Wow, how fast the time flew by!

Miche said...

Happy Birthday Gordon! Ask for a Mei-Mei! hehehe...It is nice to have a lil sister to protect you know. lol.

Samm said...

2crazydogs - Haiworrrr. So fast, hoh. I miss his baby days also.

Miche - Choiiiiiii. Protect from wat wor.... color wolves ah

mumsgather said...

Happy Birthday to Gordon. Yah, so fast their baby days past. You have to make mei mei to enjoy more baby days then. Hahaha.

trendz2day said...

Hi..Samm...what happen to "OFF PEDDER" AND " YOU'RE HIRED",it's not on your blog anymore.Thank you.