Thursday, August 20, 2009

Those zits!!!!

My face is full of zits again. It always happens when i'm PMS-ing. Not good.... not good at all. I'm not liking it one bit. In a way, i've not been taking good care of my face lately also. I think the best thing to do now is to head to the nearest mall and buy a new set of skin care for sensitive skin right now. I've used Avene before and found that it works wonders for sensitive skin. Have you tried Avene before? If you have sensitive skin and it breaks out often, i suggest you try Avene. If you dont like Avene, nevermind. You can check out more skin care range here at this site. Geeee.... i'd better go spray my face with the bottle of Avene Spring water first. The room is cold and dry!!!!

Did you see the pic i posted on my previous post? Have you started buying tanglungs for your kids? I'd better remember to tell my MIL not to buy those with music blaring from it. I cannot stand loud music and those will mopst probably drive me nuts. I still prefer the traditional tanglungs where we use candles. So nostalgic and brings back lots of wonderful childhood memories. I still remember those days just like it was just yesterday. My late father used to repair my broken tanglungs. Oh... i miss you, Papa. How i wish you can be here to watch my kids play with the tanglungs just like the ones you used to buy for me.

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