Friday, August 07, 2009

Close call

I nearly met with an accident this evening when i was on my way to buy food for my kids. A woman with a pillion rider on a motorbike didnt stop at a junction and if i hadnt stepped on my brakes in time, i believe they would have flung off their vehicle.

You see, sometimes, accidents are not entirely our own fault. No matter how slow or how careful we are, there care just some goons who choose to screw up our day. Worse, their carelessness could have cost me MY life too. I was lucky my kids were not with me. They could be having nightmares now.

Those two women had better go thank their lucky starts that i'm so used to driving slowly. Being a parent, i would never put my kids life at risk by driving over the limit. I cannot imagine what could have happened to those two women if someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol were to be the one behind the wheel this evening. I believe they could have died there and then as someone who's intoxicated have slow reflexes and may not brake in time.

I still remember what happened to my friend many years back. She had a few glasses of wine at a dinner party and drove straight into a lamp post on the way home. So, do be really careful when you drive. Think of your loved ones. Never drive under the influence of alcohol nor drugs, ok.

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