Wednesday, August 05, 2009

"Bye-bye.... See you.... ", says Malcolm

Hubby went back to KL today. Malcolm is a big boy now and no longer whines when he sees his Papa's Samsonite luggage all ready at the door. He even waves bye-bye and blows farewell kisses when he sees Papa's car arriving. I know he will miss him for days. But he's all grown up now and understands that Papa has to work to earn money. I told hubby to use the O2 so that we can make video calls. Too bad he's such a tech-idiot and will most likely fumble with it when a call comes in, lol. The O2 was his birthday present two years ago. Let's see if i'm in a good mood to buy him a new netbook for his birthday next month. The kids can then chat with him on MSN. Damn.... i'm spoiling him, arent i?

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