Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yes, i do have heels and pumps too

Many of my girlfriends dont quite understand why i only wear Crocs and not fashionable women shoes like all other women. Sigh.... how to explain to them that Crocs are oh-so-soft and comfy. Once tried, there's no looking back. I'm hooked to Crocs ever since hubby bought me my first pair. And that was during the last few months of my second pregnancy. Another thing is i my feet perspire a lot and with Crocs, i can just rinse them without taking my Crocs off. They provide good ventilation and i dont have to worry about stinky week at the end of the day. So, how to live without my Crocs, you tell me. Of course if i need to attend a function or two, i'll wear fashionable womens shoes like heels and pumps. I do have those, ok. Just that i seldom wear them on a daily basis.

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