Saturday, July 18, 2009

Myorganiclife turns 4 today!

Today, i celebrate being a blogger for 4 years. Myorganiclife was started on this very day 4 years ago. I know nuts about blogging back then. Fast forward 4 years, i've become the professional cyber8phor i am today, lol.

A typical weekend in my life is something like this. I used to work from inside my bedroom. Changed that since the start of this week. Malcolm plays with his car-car on the Winnie The Pooh Rug, Gordon watches his favorite DVD on TV.

Me, i blog on the laptop so that the kids cant fight over the mouse. Crochet-ing some knick-knacks for friends and whoever i feel like giving to la. At the same time, making sure my kids finish their meal. Quite a task, huh. But one that i enjoy doing everyday.

"Happy Myorganiclife Day. Hope Google continues to love you and brings me continuous flow of USD"

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